Will you Volunteer as Tribute?

Sometimes it happens like that – out of the blue, without warning. Our names or businesses can be drawn from life’s big, round reaping jar at any given moment. We don’t live in Panem and the disasters we face are not called the Hunger Games, but we are still at risk of being thrust into a survival situation very day of our lives.  And, unfortunately,this risk does not stop when we turn eighteen. For a company, we have our own set of Hunger Games. And FAILING at our business, will truly result into hunger. This is why – in JEST Hunger Games, we teach your team to be Career Tributes.

Group Size

Minimum of 20 pax.

Time Needed

Preferably: 1 Day (can be customised)

Learning Outcomes

• Boosts morale, fosters cooperation, encourages healthy competition, builds team spirit and sense of accomplishment


Begins at Php999 (inclusive of Boodle Fight Lunch)


This is a non-combat course that is both safe and held, and yet also an exciting adventure where participants learn to survive in the wild like the characters in the Hunger Games books and films.  A unique and powerful experience of nature, far from the world of traffic, computer screens and mobile phones, participants will be taught jungle survival skills to make and cook over fires,  build shelters, sneak/stalk and finally to try and win the Games and become ‘the Victors’. New skills, adventure, immersion in the jungle, intensive teamwork and a whole lot of mischief means this promises to be a truly unforgettable experience.


Since all of the participants are already TRIBUTES, the reaping will decide which district they will fall into. Take note that this doesn’t mean you get paired up. Remember, in the ‘real’ Hunger Games, you have to get your own allies.


Tributes’ will arrive to our ‘Capitol’, and spend the first half of the day at the ‘Training Camp’ learning all the wilderness and survival skills they’ll need in the ‘Arena’. These include fire making, sneaking and stalking, shelter / den building, camouflage, edible and medicinal plant use,. They will also be winning sponsors hoping to get extra lives in the “Arena”.

jest hunger games


In the afternoon, pairs of ‘Tributes’ enter the ‘Arena’ and the Games begin. Grabbing a backpack from the ‘Cornucopia’ filled with all the essential survival stuff, such as sleeping bag, basic food, water bottle, something to help make a shelter, and armed with nerf guns, they take off into the wild woods to survive, to make fires, to find food and water, and to ‘kill’ the other tributes off by stalking, camouflage and sneaking; to become the Victors.

Why Book with Us?

We have always pushed our boundaries to the limit. Year after year we get more creative in our team building activities. This one is sure to be fun but will also challenge your team to the limit so don’t let your team down and take the first step to an unforgettable experience:


We know as a team you can be competitive. In fact, your team must be but just in case your team needs a little push, well, let’s just say sometimes we think the stick is more effective than the carrot. And so, for the unfortunate losing team, we’re proud to present some of our sticks:

Egg Russian Roulette 

Pick the egg and smash it on your forehead. Not all of them are boiled.

Ice Bucket

It’s a simple thing to do. Dump a bucket full of ice on your head. Bonus: Winners can do it for you.


Good exercise to let go of your anger.

Dunk Bucket

Winners get to try and hit the target. The prize: a soaking wet team.